Platform Features

Multiple Payment Gateway Profiles

Acromobile Payments is integrated with Cybersource and Bitnet. Over 400,000 businesses worldwide use CyberSource solutions. Customers use our CyberSource and Authorize.Net brand solutions to process online payments, streamline fraud management, and simplify payment security.

Built on

Everything your business needs to process payments, build a community and turn up new revenue, in one platform. Existing customers can install the package into their existing org. No matter how customized your salesforce org is Acromobile can be easily integrated and(or) added into your salesforce org.

Deep Integration with Cybersource

Acromobile is deeply integrated to all capabilities offered by Cybersource with support for tokenization, captures and settlements, recurring billing, partial and full credit, split capture, reauthorization, and standard checkout.

Workflows and Approvals

Your business operates more efficiently with standardized internal procedures and automated business processes. Many of the tasks you normally assign, the emails you regularly send, and other record updates are part of an organization's standard processes. Instead of doing this work manually, you can configure workflow and approvals to do it automatically.

CRM + Payments

A full-blown CRM system with payment information related to Accounts and Contacts. See all customer events and service information in real-time, whether initiated from the web, mobile, call-center or retail outlet.

Business Process Integration

Integrate your back office and business-processes with robust APIs and services. It's easy to build custom integrations with Open API enterprise integration. Integrate with existing enterprise databases, email marketing engines, payment gateways and much more...

Multi-Currency and Language Support

Accept payments in multiple currencies, automatic tax-calculations and multi-language support. Languages supported - Spanish, Danish, German, Finnish, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai and Chinese.

Authorize and Sale Transactions

Enable your field service and field sales team to create, authorize and process payments on the move.

Features for Your Customers

Payment Portal

No more mailing invoices or waiting for checks to arrive in the mail. Accept payments against Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Orders and more...

Payment History

Let your customers view their payment history and view payment status.

Login to Pay

Login enabled authentication. Allow customers to login in customer communities, salesforce communities and more...

Pay by QR Code and Url Links

Process secure credit and debit card payments using Payment Links, QR Codes and within Enable teams across your organization.

Manage Cards on File

Customer can pay easily with their stored cards on file.

Mobile Optimized

Optimized landing pages for payments on multiple devices - phones, tablets and web.

Integrate with Shopping Workflow

Integrate payment processing with your entire eCommerce shopping workflow.

Bill Presentment

Invoice your customers can view and make payments.

Features for Your Team


Send Payment Requests

Improve your customer experience and payment security by providing customers with quick and easy payment options: QR code payments, email links, url links, sms links.

Virtual Terminal

Accept credit or debit card payments by phone, fax, or mail. Capture off-line sales, Receive funds faster, accept card present payments and Ship faster.

Transaction History

Capture all the transaction history against Orders, Contacts and all other objects.

Contact Centers

Contact center agents can easily accept payments without ever leaving using a new card or card on file. Agents can also send a payment link directly to customers so that they never handle sensitive credit card data.

Various Payment Modes

Process secure credit and debit card payments using Payment Links, QR Codes and within Enable teams across your organization.

Customer Insights

Generate a single view insight of the customer across channels and devices leveraging Acromobile Reports & Dashboards.

Mobile Enabled (Salesforce1 Mobile App) for field sales & service

Enable sales, support and finance users to accept payments anywhere by adding an easy payment process to any standard or custom object in Payment methods are securely stored on file to allow you to offer instant checkout to your returning customers.

Integrate CRM and Payments

Instantly convert orders to cash by processing secure payments through Maximize your revenue opportunities by empowering your staff to take payments and simplifying the payment experience for customers.